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Opus - Manitas de Plata (1ère diffusion : 16/02/1991)


Gianfranco Rosi : Avec ces gros plans, je montre que derrière chaque migrant, il y a un regard

durée : 00:30:14 - La grande table - par : Olivia Gesbert - Gianfranco Rosi, cinéaste réalisateur de Fuocoammare, par-delà Lampedusa (Ours d'or du documentaire 2016) qui sort en salles le 28 septembre est l'invité d'Olivia Gesbert. - réalisé par : Peire Legras


La Grèce : Une histoire d'Ulysse 2/2


Jean-Pierre Vernant : Une histoire d'Ulysse pour les enfants


Pete Seeger

Born of a renowned musical family, Pete Seeger's name is synonymous with the post-War American folk music revival. A contemporary of and collaborator with Woody Guthrie, Pete Seeger casts his own long shadow over the folk music genre. This program overviews Seeger's life and music, including his work with Guthrie, and features recent interviews with Seeger and those who have known him well.


Huddie Leadbetter (Lead Belly)


Par Smithsonian Folkways
Huddie William Leadbetter was a convicted murderer who overcame adversity to establish himself as a music legend.In addition to his own compositions, Lead Belly was a living library of old European ballads, black work songs, southern ballads, blues and even cowboy songs. His own work included such popular favorites as "Goodnight Irene" and "Rock Island Line". In this program, we learn about the life and music of the man known as 'Lead Belly,' through Folkways recordings of his performances and both archival and contemporary interviews.


John Scheid (épisode à écouter)